PMap Server for UI-View

PMap Server for UI-View 7.0

PMapServer7 is a free add-on for UI-View32 that integrates into the program
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Bill Diaz

PMapServer7 is a free add-on for UI-View32. To use it, first download and register a copy of UI-View32. There are versions of PMapServer that will work with with Precision Mapping V5, V6 and V7.UI-View32 street level mapping of the whole of the USA. To support Precision Mapping, UI-View32 uses a plug-in map server (PMapServer) that integrates seamlessly into the program. PMapServer behaves like a normal UI-View32 map, but also has facilities for zoom, pan, and search. You can search for addresses, Counties, States, phone numbers (area codes), mile markers and callsigns.

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